Saturday, March 20, 2010

Latch Hook?!

I'm taking a break from crochet to.... latch hook!! I can't believe it either. Nic, my 19 year old, was cleaning out his closet last evening and came across an ancient latch hook that he had never finished. He still thinks it's pretty cool and would like to have it finished so, of course, Mother will do it for him. I hope to finish it up today or tomorrow though as I have a couple crochet projects I really want to dive in to!

Yes... I did say my 19 year old son was cleaning out his closet. LOL


  1. It has been a long time since I have thought about latch hook... when I was younger my family designed a huge one - it had a castle, a swan, a horse, and a bridge in it. It was probably 1.5metres square. It has about 5 rows of sky left! How is the latch hook going? Have you finished it?

  2. I did finish the latch hook and he's happy with it so I am too! What a great kid! He was so appreciative that I had finished it for him.

    Your design sounds fantastic! Do you have pictures?

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