Monday, January 25, 2010


I have to say I'm pretty excited about the Winter Olympics this year. Partly because I do enjoy watching them and because Ben will be able to be home some to watch them with me. I'm also excited about the start of the Olympics because this year I have joined the Ravelympics! I have 4 crochet projects that I will attempt to complete in the 2 weeks of the Olympics. Projects may be started at the lighting of the cauldron and not before. The 4 new WIP's in my sidebar are the projects I've chosen.

I've joined Team West Virginia and will be working on the Avalon Top in the Sweaterboard Cross Event.

For Team Scarfstreet I will be making 3 scarves to use up some novelty yarn I bought on ebay in the event Scarf Super-g. I can't enter this in the Stash Compulsory Dancing Event because I've not had this yarn for at least a year.

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