Friday, January 09, 2009

Felted Tote and iPod Cozy

These are definitely favorites! I get so many compliments on the tote and then I have to pull out the iPod cozy and show it off too.

Patterns are from Mary Jane Hall's "Positively Crochet".


  1. Thanks for your comments and photos of my patterns Barbara! Are you on Ravelry? If so, please add me as a friend. My Ravelry ID is maryjane2. There's a group there which was started for me and my books Positively Crochet and Crochet That Fits. I'd love to have you join :)
    Mary Jane Hall
    Author of Positively Crochet and Crochet That Fits

  2. i love it!! are you sharing the pattern? i don't see it

  3. Hi Tina! The pattern isn't mine to share. :) You can find it in a fabulous pattern book called "Positively Crochet". It's available on Amazon and very much worth the price! Lots of other great patterns.

  4. Love your work and your blog ~ well done!